The Neo Life

This is just another Neopets blog however this blog documents the Neo life of Edel and not some other person.

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My Altador Cup goal this year:

Get to freaking rank 1

I got my first Neomail from someone who wants one of my neopets. I feel honoured and slightly disgruntled at the same time since I specifically put no trades in her lookup.

omg people are following I’m sorry I don’t do follow backs anymore because I’m trying to limit the number of people I follow to make sure I spend less time on Tumblr. gomen. plus this blog is nearly dead whoops

That moment when people actually care to buy your 1np items in your shop. Bless your heart.

Also, first post in like months haha.


Why did I make a Neopets account 

Is anyone here underformality? Even though I pretty much accept all neofriend requests, I like knowing who I’m friending!